Business solutions

This software program uses GrayMatter technology to build a search engine for HR sourcing. The search engine can:
• Address specific recruitment queries
• Identify changes to potential candidate profiles
• Automatically select candidates using external data sources

This program uses GrayMatter technology to produce a cartography of information flows at any given moment, in order to:
• Identify existing links between blogs, discussion forums, etc., using keywords
• Identify information sources within this network, as well as sources of influence, and information relays or nerve centres, etc.
• Identify RSS feeds on these blogs, sites, etc.

This program uses SafetyGate technology to resolve all the security flaws stemming from a centralized network architecture (Virtual Private Networks, NoLog platforms, secure platforms, anonymisers, etc.). These additional security measures are designed to:
• Allow a company to protect their employees in countries where the Internet is under surveillance, by ensuring that they cannot be identified or located in any way
• Protect information through highly anonymous publication, including e-mails, text documents and images
• Protect against industrial espionage